Bumping In My Headphones This Week

Whether y’all want it or not, I’m gonna give you a little list of the shit I’m on this week. Typically my weekly playlist is more across the board but I been on my rap and R&B shit this week. Some of it is new, some of it is old, but check it out nonetheless. Lemme know if you like any of the shit you hear, I’m always down to talk about music and trade suggestions.

‘Sonder Son’ x Brent Faiyaz This Album is an absolute bop all the way through. It’s one of the first albums in recent memory that I can continue to listen to front to back without skipping a track, and Faiyaz is consistent in the way in which he blends silky vocals with interesting and fresh production. Faiyaz is only 22 and hails from Baltimore, Maryland, although he definitely has a sleepy, west coast vibe. Faiyaz is also a third of the group ‘Sonder’ who are worth checking out. If you’re lookin for some shit to max out and relax to, this joint is a sure to satisfy.

‘IWASVERYBAD’x IDK–Until the last 5 years or so, the DMV and surrounding Maryland areas weren’t thought to be a hub for hip-hop talent. However, it’s becoming an exciting time for hip-hop fans in the DMV as the area continues to sprout up with promising young rap artists.  IDK, the 25 year old rapper from Maryland, brings a grimy, old school style that focuses largely on legitimate bars. On his debut album, IDK enlists hip-hop legends Swizz Beats and MF Doom on different tracks, and gets guest verses from Chief Keef and Yung Gleesh as well. The second track of the album ‘Maryland Ass N***a with Swizz Beats is probably one of the hottest tracks I’ve heard this year. This shit will make you wanna wild out with your friends and act like some hellions.

‘Do Wrong’ x TYuS–It’s a weird time for R&B. I feel like the soulful and silky vocals we once heard and loved in R&B songs have turned to this cornball poppy shit, and I can’t lie it hurts ya’ boy. I reminisce on the shit my parents bumped on the daily growing up in a biracial household, the glory days of D’angelo, Raphael Saadiq, Usher, Joe, 112, and Craig David. That real throwback, grill on in the summer time type shit. But I digress. TYuS, the 20 year old underground soulful R&B artist with hip-hop roots takes me back to some of the things I love about R&B. With a focus on vocals and less of that radio friendly garbage, TYuS makes a motherfucker feel somethin. His sound and style reminds me a lot of the first stuff PARTYNEXTDOOR was putting out back when he came up, so if you dig that, you’ll be feelin this one too.

Love Deluxe’ x Sade–The living legend, the queen herself, Sade. This joint came out in 1994, and was far ahead of its time which is exactly why it has stood the test of time and remains both iconic and impressive today. Sade’s unique and easily recognizable vocals never fail, regardless of what mood you’re in. If you’re feeling like shedding real thug tears, setting the mood for you and ya girl or ya mans, or if you feel like belting some shit out in the shower, this album is a jack of all trades. The albums opening track, ‘No Ordinary Love’ is one of my favorite songs of all time and is a daily listen for me.

‘Victory Lap’ x Nipsey Hussle— Most of y’all already know the deal when it comes to Nip. It wouldn’t take five minutes of listening to his album to recognize his loyalty to the West Coast, and the swagger that he brings to the thumping baselines his tracks showcase. Nip keeps it G to the code and it shows through and through in his music. There aren’t many old school, bar for bar lyricists left in the game right now and Nip has solidified his spot as one of them. This album, like his others, is a hood anthem. It illustrates the West Coast gang scene as well as what the life on the streets of California. Nip raps with a from the gutter to the top mentality which makes for a perfect hype tape for whatever you need to get juiced for.

High Times-Singles 92′-06′ x Jamiroquai–The fact that I chose a greatest hits album to represent Jamiroquai speaks for itself. As the pioneers of the acid-jazz genre, Jamiroquai has earned themselves a spot in the funk music Mt. Rushmore. Their jiggy synth filled instrumentals, and their thumping basslines make you wanna get funky as fuck. Listen to this shit and get ya freak on, dance even if your moves ain’t shit, or just jam out. There’s a reason Napoleon Dynamite danced the way he did when he put on Canned Heat, the shit has got maximum jig, son. Take my word for it, I can’t walk through campus without bobbing my head.


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